Download AJR - Neotheater Album

Album: Neotheater

Artist: AJR

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2019-04-26
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 12
  • Bitrate: 320 kbps
  • Format: MP3 / .ZIP

  • ℗ 2019 AJR Productions, LLC under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (US) LLC
AJR - Neotheater full album released on 2019-04-26 in USA contains total 12 tracks. Download your favourite AJR - Neotheater full album with high speed and absolutely free of cost. No registration or Sign up required.

Album Tracks List:

Title Duration
Next up Forever 4:16 Download
Birthday Party 3:43 Download
100 Bad Days 3:32 Download
Don't Throw out My Legos 4:10 Download
Break My Face 3:46 Download
Turning Out, Pt. II 3:43 Download
The Entertainment's Here 3:07 Download
Karma 4:05 Download
Beats 3:18 Download
Wow, I'm Not Crazy 3:16 Download
Dear Winter 2:48 Download
Finale (Can't Wait to See What You Do Next) 4:37 Download


  • Karmaaaa

    By Mycatsfat
    It’s mah fav song! :3 P.S. plz make a clean version of this album!
  • Wow

    By sea cutecumber
    This is the best album I’ve ever heard shout-out to AJR the best song in my option is Karma
  • More more more

    By Love AJR
    I loooove AJR!!!!! Every day I wake up listening to them and listen when I get home!!! They should make more clean songs but they are still absolutely amazing!!!!!
  • I absolutely love this album

    By CoverOrangeAddict
  • Spectacular. Don’t stop, AJR

    By ɱ ɑɳɗ ɱ ɱʋʂꀤƈ
    If you give this one star, you need to get some help
  • Awesome

    By ap32432
    Best song I have ever got and always loved ajr
  • Best.songs. EVER!!

    By Box o' wine
  • Dear Winter

    By RavenClaw722
    I was about to buy Dear Winter after hearing it on the radio for the first time and falling in love, but as it contains explicit content, my parents won’t allow me to. Please put out a clean option for people like me!!
  • Yes

    By FredsAZombie
  • Can’t believe it’s been almost a year!

    By Just one review for today.
    I remember loving this album when it came out, and I still love it! I saw them in Dallas for this tour and it was even more mesmerizing. I was curious to see what other people thought of this album and I’m sorry to say this review won’t really be about the album itself, but more about the other reviews. I do think there should be a clean version because I do have restrictions on my phone and can’t listen to songs marked as explicit anymore. But I think the people saying that using explicit language means you don’t have a very great vocabulary is absurd. Let people talk how they are most comfortable, not how you are. I find the people saying “if an album has a song called ‘Don’t Throw Out My Legos’ then it’s definitely trash” quite inconsiderate. I mean, I don’t think they’ve even listened to the album or even that song because if they did, they would understand why it’s called that. Lastly, the people saying that AJR shouldn’t be writing about politics and that what they’re saying isn’t right are very close-minded. (I’m talking to a specific person now.) You don’t have to agree with it. I bet if they were writing a political statement that you agreed with, you wouldn’t have a problem with it. Also that’s not even what they were saying at all you were just overreacting. Now, as a positive note and something actually about the album. I am a songwriter and I have always looked up to AJR. When I heard about this album coming out I was so excited. It did not disappoint. I remember staying up until midnight to wait for this album to come out and then listened to it immediately. Every song on this album is so perfectly crafted and amazing. I still tear up listening to “Turning Out pt. ii” and “Dear Winter”. I still get chills every time I listen to “Karma” and “Finale (Can’t Wait To See What You Do Next)”. And every time I’m down, I listen to “Break My Face” and “The Entertainment’s Here”. It blows my mind that it’s been almost a year since this album came out. I hope you continue to make music the way you want to and thank you for inspiring me to do the same.

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